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  1. I like your vids, man, watched a lot of them and thanks for your unbiased honesty. And I agree the tiny imperfections are hardly considered imperfections and more just the fact that he's a human being but I just wanted to mention something. I saw a video of you saying you think Dimash used auto-tune when he performed S.O.S. in "The Singer". He has sang that exact part many times live; the "flick up" from one pitch to other is what he does in that song and maybe others. You can hear him do this very often. The video of the girl you showed in another season of "The Singer" DEFINITELY had auto-tune, I agree 100%, OMG it was brutal, haha…soooo bad but Dimash's pitch transition doesn't have that robot, typical auto-tune sound.

    Having said all that, many shows, as you know, get some audio editing in post-production. They have to remove a lot of the audience noises (not all of it, and not during all times), and clean the reverb up making it sound sharper and more digitical and "perfect," and they sometimes apply some fixes like pitch correction but I don't know there were any vocal fixes here (besides cleaning up the sound).

    You can hear Dimash do this pitch-flick in the following videos. You can easily tell it's 100%, no auto-tune for just about every video I listed. Check the following out even if just for the sake of some nice singing instead of this particular discussion 🙂 :

    he's clearly doing himself, you can tell not only vocally but physically.



    not raw fancam but definitely doesn't sound post-produced as too many "human imperfections"


    by Dimash's standards, he was a little off that night for whatever reason, and even though this isn't a raw fan-cam, you can tell it hasn't been post-produced as you can hear so many little imperfections and some slightly larger ones too (Dimash is human after all, lol)

    different song but doing the exact same thing with also some short runs

    "All By Myself" at some banquet or something

    lower note but doing the exact same thing


    a little lower but doing the exact same thing

    not raw fancam but definitely not post-produced as too many "human imperfections", crowd and ambient noises, etc.

  2. is it weird that I can only find this one video of @tristan paredes on Dimash reaction? Not on the whole youtube, there's none!
    It says in the description ( and in the beginning of the video Tristan himself says that he's doing a reaction on Dimash, AGAIN?)?
    Where are all these videos?

  3. Tristan you NEED to react to Dimash again. The most recent video of "Sinful passion" and "Unforgettable day" at Gakku are incredible. Seriously.

  4. solo pienso que hubiera sido mejor reaccionar 1 ero ala canción cantada enserio y luego al sketch cómico , que se le ve muy divertido 🙂 , saludos!

  5. I doubt that you are really a professional… real professionals immediately determined that Dimash had a unique voice because his vocal is perfect… you are like clown pretending to be a professional, if you really are spesialist should make a norm analysis and choose a normal video..or delete words "vocal coach"

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