10 Replies to “Blues Piano Lessons – Blues Piano Course Chap. 8 (2nd Half)”

  1. thank you David! I played on the piano for 6 years, but 2 years ago i stopped it.
    Now im playing again! but just your blues!
    Sorry i cant pay you coz im afraid of sending money on the internet, so sorry. What can i do if i've finished learning 9 of your lessons?:D

  2. I am so glad i found this, and I admire how kind you are for giving this great lessons to all the people who want to learn this delightful style, greetings from Mexico!!

  3. David, thanks for sharing your fabulous skill to teach with us. The bundle courses is awesome, so easy to follow and so much fun. Cheers, Stefan from Sweden.

  4. Hi… I'd love to buy your Blues piano lessons… is it possible to send it to Mexio…?…please just tell me what bank account I must send the money… I think is a grat cool course… thanks for what I have learned…

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