40 Replies to “KASHMIR chords -Jimmy Page, Jack White, & Edge”

  1. Do you guys know Steve Clark of Def Leppard was being considered for work with Plant, maybe Zepp partial reunions as well I believe. He is a riff master as well. Wrote 95% of Lepps music.

  2. cool you could see jack white catching on so by the end of the song he pretty much had a grip and jimmy page given hem da nod here and there but edge was just lost the more page explained the technical and showed the off root pattern the more lost he got .. musicians from michigan just seem to be able to hit the ground running …

  3. wow,,,,still holds the guitar and has the same facial expressions that he did when he played stairway in earls court 1975,,,,only difference is hes older now and white hair,,,,,the best god dam guitar player ever. Take lessons yall……

  4. Just to see these guys playing and just talking about their music! They are playing relatively inexpensive guitars (Page on a Danelectro. Edge on an Epiphone, and Jack White on a Gretsch…). It just goes to show that a great musician can make great music on almost any instrument.

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