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  1. James Labrie was really pushing himself on this tour and maybe the next one. Then i think he decided he wasn't going to last too long if he kept it up, and backed off quite a bit. I think he had vocal cord issues shortly after this period too. Another vocal coach really had no idea what he was doing he couldn't decribe his technique, lol.

  2. Other metal/prog singers that would be cool to analyze…

    Russell Allen from Symphony X (Serpent's Kiss would be a good track)
    Hansi Kursch from Blind Guardian (Mirror Mirror, And Then There Was Silence or Welcome to Dying could be cool)
    Daniel Gildenlow from Pain of Salvation (Ending Theme, maybe?)

  3. As a long time DT fan, I have to make two comments:
    1. Labrie is the least talented member of DT
    2. Ever notice how he wanders off stage for at least five minutes in the middle of every song?

  4. There's a version of this song from some NYC club in 1992 that Labrie sounds even better on. Shame that his live vocals deteriorated so much from SFAM onwards.

  5. Serious request: Pain of Salvation, Ending Theme dvd, the song !(foreword)..
    Maybe the best concert i have ever seen, absolutely amazing band and singer, so much emotion and flawless performance. Puts Dream Theater to shame imo. A bit of an underrated band, but pure genius all the way. You should definitely check them out, i guarantee you will be very impressed!

  6. I wish someone would ask Beth to look at one of Ayreon's songs. It's full of great vocalists who Arjen picks out personally, some of them are well known and others are ordinary people he just discovered from YouTube.

  7. Dream Theater is really amazing band, especially since I'm a prog fan. Since you liked this, I strongly believe you'd be impressed with Queensrÿche – Take Hold of the Flame, also live in Tokyo 🙂

  8. Is there the possibility that someone can't really sing properly even taking classes. Because I'm a musician and I've never thought that I can do it well. That said I've never taken sing classes. 🤔

  9. Dream Theater has this reputation for having some of the best musicians in each of their instruments. Every musician in the band is a legend in their own right and they are one of the most important bands of Progressive Metal, a very technically complex genre of music. James Labrie was an amazing singer when he first joined the band, but had food poisoning and damaged his vocal cords. He did a few world tours without recovering and thus almost completely destroying his voice. This led to him losing a ton of his range which made it difficult for him to perform as the vocals of their earlier stuff was written very high. DT's vocals have been the butt of jokes for decades sadly, but in the past few albums, he has finally recovered his vocal ability and is not able to give pretty respectable vocal performances live.

  10. If you want to hear something more recent, the Live At Lunar Park DVD Dream Theater released a few years back is really good. Loads of great James LaBrie vocals from that show.

  11. love this DT and with ruddess too. but when portnoy left omg i died inside u.u Nothing wrong with mangini hes more than qualified for DT and a great guy aswell. loved the reaction.

  12. Geoff Tate of Queensryche was so much more talented in his prime. Check out Take Hold of the Flame or Queen of the Reich live in Tokyo 1984.

  13. If you want a DT song that really shows off James Labrie's vocal abilities check out Another Hand – The Killing Hand from their Live at the Marquee album.

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