29 Replies to “Natalie Portman Teaches Acting | MasterClass | Official Trailer”

  1. Natalie over acts every scene..
    Similar to the weird faces the girl from The Twilight movies did
    with every scene..
    *Just look at her biting her lip in this clip…
    it's very over the top.
    which would be alright if it weren't a constant…

    She doen't get a free pass for her acting in the Prequels..
    Yeah Hayden was no Leo Decaprio but he lived the role.
    something I can't say about NP….

  2. Well, it's pretty obvious by now that whatever I'm looking for in life, I won't find it in Hollywood. Which is why you go indie & make your own damned opportunities.

  3. She just sad
    Iโ€™d she became good through doing, not through theory, which is what this is, it is pretty much contradictory ๐Ÿ˜…

  4. Yes!! finally a video about how to act with my queen! Thank you masterclass.
    Actually, it would be great if every Hollywoodstar teaches us something. So broadcast them ALL!!

  5. Sad to see no Kevin Spacey in the last collage. Despite his court cases and personal life, the acting class he provided was absolutely brilliant. Masterclaas mustn't be ashamed of putting his class right where it belongs.

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